Relieves Headaches and sore teeth with Clove Oil

Clove oil is an oil derived from cloves and widely used as a medicine or herbs. One of the benefits that famous is to treat toothache. Simply apply clove oil using a cotton or a cotton swab to the affected area.
In addition, clove oil is also forgiveness deal with acne, headaches, itching from mosquito bites, bad breath and other ailments. When you apply clove oil to the skin, make sure you use the companion oils such as coconut oil or almond oil because when you spread clove oil into the skin, burning sensation or irritation may occur. The following uses of clove oil for health reported by the pages of The Secret Yumiverse.
1. Relieves toothache
As mentioned above, clove oil can relieve toothache. The application is easy, simply by applying this oil to the infected tooth.
2. Skin Problems
Not only treat acne, oil cengekh also able to cope with skin diseases such as dry skin and stretch marks. Just add a few drops of clove oil on a lotion or moisturizer that you use everyday.
3. Overcoming minor injuries and insect bites
To cope with minor injuries and itchy, just add a few drops of clove oil on coconut oil or almond oil and apply to the part needed.
4. Bad breath and sore throat
Bad breath will certainly make you insecure. To resolve this problem, gargle with water yangn already given a few drops of clove oil. With this will decrease your bad breath.
5. Aromatherapy
Clove oil can also be used essential oils to scent the room. Not only that, the smell of cloves also diketahu imampu repel mosquitoes.
6. Headaches
Headaches due to nervous tension is certainly very disturbing concentration and work. Quite compress the head / your temple with a cloth that has been given drops of clove oil.


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